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Local Liquor Option Election Results   


If a majority of electors vote “yes” on a ballot question, the sale of alcoholic beverages as specified in that question may be permitted in the manner described in the question and upon approval by the Department of Liquor Control.

Results of local liquor option elections are effective until another election on the same question is held. Four years must pass before the same question can be submitted to voters in the same territory. Therefore, a local liquor option question that appeared on the 2005 general election ballot cannot be submitted to voters in that precinct again until the 2009 general election.

The results of a local liquor option election regarding a particular use at a specific location are effective at the specific location until another election is held. No subsequent election may be held regarding the same particular use at the specific location within four years. However, other precinct-wide local liquor option elections that may affect alcohol sales and consumption at that location may be held in the four-year period.

Periodically, the General Assembly will enact temporary legislation that allows more than one election on the same local liquor option question in the designated four-year period. Petitioners should contact their state legislators to determine whether the petitioners can take advantage of any such provision in the law.


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