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To find the information you need through you can search the web site, search the internet or take advantage of the many links provided to get you the correct answers. contains more information than the average person can digest in a brief browsing session. And that’s the key to getting the most out of; browsing the site. Check out all the links to see where they take you. You may want to start with the FAQ’s link located on the Main NAV Bar on the site’s top Banner. The Main NAV bar contains the following links:

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The Home and submenu tabs gives petitioners some insights into the local option process and information on the web site.

The FAQ’s tab might just give you the answer you need in less than a minute. In this section we’ve listed all of the most common questions asked by first time local option petitioners. Just click the tab to see if you have the same questions.

The Research tab helps you determine the current liquor status of you precinct and/or your particular location within your precinct.

The Types of Liquor Option Questions tab will take you to all the information you need to choose the correct local option question to gain the privileges you need. Keep in mind that we can’t tell you which ones you need but we can help you understand what privileges will be granted by voter approval of each question. It shouldn’t be hard for you to determine which questions are right for you.

The Petition tab is one of the site’s most important resources. In Ohio there are 5 separate types of Local Liquor Option Processes and each process has different requirements. So if you’re following the steps required of one process and actually completing another, chances are you won’t qualify your issues for the ballot. Pay special attention to the petition processes outlined on this tab.

The Effect tab describes what happens when a local liquor option question is approved by voters or what happens if voters say NO to the question being voted on. This is a valuable resource when used in conjunction with the types of liquor option questions that are available. This is especially true if you just had voter reject your local option question and are considering another attempt.

In addition to the Main Nav Bar, the home page contains other valuable resources. You’ll find links to the Ohio Division of Liquor Control, The Ohio Secretary of State, a Board of Elections Directory to point you to your local county board of election’s website and much more information. We also have a complete list of Local Liquor Option Petition Forms available for download and complete instructions on how to circulate a VALID Local Liquor Option Petition. But that’s not all that’s available to users. You’ll find large button links to: the Inside Ohio Liquor Options blog which can provide direct answers to specific local option questions and a link to field resource management, inc., Ohio’s leading local Liquor Option consulting firm if you’re looking for paid professional assistance.



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